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SEI Server

SEI Server is the main component of Sage Enterprise Intelligence.

SEI Server includes the necessary elements for use of SEI:

  • 1 SEI User
  • The ability to access unlimited data sources.
  • The OLAP Runtime will allow the customer to use the OLAP cubes that are delivered with the SEI templates.
  • The SEI templates are a set of prebuilt views/reports/dashboards/etc., that help improve and maximize the benefits of SEI.
  • ETL Replication allows you to build data warehouse by centralizing all your data in one place. Report of replicated data resulting in Zero impact on your production environment.

SEI User (concurrent)

  • Users that require full usage of SEI features for all SEI interfaces (Web/Mobile and Excel) in order to create, analyze and save views, reports and dashboards as well as manage the administration and security settings.

SEI Viewer User (concurrent)

  • Users that only need viewer capabilities for all SEI interfaces (Web/Mobile and Excel) in order to manipulate and analyze existing views, reports and dashboards in real-time.

SEI Components

5 Components available for Sage Enterprise Intelligence


  • The Distribution Module will allow customers to schedule and automate the sharing of views, reports and dashboards based on the frequency of their choice. Automatic distribution includes advanced features such as conditional alert, translation, data security, reporting pack, and more.

OLAP Manager

  • OLAP Manager facilitates consolidation of different types of information by building multi-dimensional cubes for maximum performance while processing large quantities of data.

ETL - Consolidation

  • Consolidate multiple server, database or schema that share the same structure in one single database. As an example you could have multiple distinct database for the same ERP that you would like to consolidate into one single database for your reporting.

ETL - Transformation

  • Transformation layer to standardize your data while consolidating, building information data warehouses, and migrating or interfacing with your system.

ETL – Migration & Interface

  • Allows you to seamlessly automate and synchronize data between systems by mapping corresponding tables and fields.

Role-based Dashboards

Visual, real-time access to enterprise-wide data with key performance indicators.

Mobile-access, work anywhere on any device.

With tablets and smartphones now playing a major role in the workforce arena, on-the-go access with full functionality to your enterprise data is more important than ever. Let’s face it. In today’s world, limited access to information leads to inefficiencies and even lost opportunities.

Out-of-the-box templates for rapid deployment

Sage Enterprise Intelligence is a robust tool designed to help users make smarter decisions faster with dynamic, secure, and pre-defined templates.

BI Security & Collaboration Tools

An empowering BI solution comes complete with authorization and restriction parameters that also affect data sharing. Imagine being able to collaborate the same report with a variety of team members with specific need-to-know variables.

Integration with Sage Business Solutions

Sage products are known for their power and flexibility. From managing inventory, to manufacturing, sales, services, accounting, and distribution, Sage offers end-to-end software that helps companies boost productivity.

Data Management

The Sage Enterprise Intelligence platform includes replication, consolidation, migration and transformation of data across all types of platforms and systems. Our software takes care of all the complicated back-end details so that you have the tools to focus your energy on where your business needs it most.

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